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October 22, 2017
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I rarely, if ever, review anyone but I feel that it’s imperative that I share my experience with Rozalyn at Living Well Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. In short, she has changed my life! I will explain…

I started working in the construction industry at age 18. By the time I was in my mid- to late-20s I was working on high-rise buildings. One day while working 30-feet above ground, I fell and landed flat on my back. I woke in the hospital two weeks later unable to walk. I thank God my back wasn’t broken and that, after a long recovery and a year of physical therapy, I was able to regain full function and return to my construction career – but not on tall buildings!

Working in the construction field helped me maintain a high level of physical fitness over the years. I’ve participated in the Hood-to-Coast event, completed several half-marathons, completed the 50-mile Obliteride, etc. My back would occasionally go out but with rest it would get back to normal. About eight months ago, my back went out to the point that I couldn’t walk or get dressed without shooting pains sending me suddenly to my knees. After x-rays and an MRI, the doctor told me I have developed arthritis in the facet joints as a result of my previous injury and that there is nothing that can be done to cure it. My options for pain management were drugs, spinal injections, nerve ablation, surgery or massage/acupuncture. I chose to try the least invasive, least addictive option first. So my wife searched for a massage therapist through our insurance plan and sent me to Rozalyn.

Rozalyn listened to my condition and felt confident that she could help with a combination of massage therapy and acupuncture. To be honest, I had great doubt that massaging muscles could help with arthritis in a spinal joint. I had also never had acupuncture before and am no lover of needles so this made me nervous. But I was in so much pain that I was willing to try anything that might help me avoid more drastic measures.

After my first treatment, I found that I was able to move a lot better. After the fourth appointment, I shocked my wife by standing up from the couch and walking like a normal human, completely unaided. It was life-changing! Now that I’ve been receiving treatment from Rozalyn for several months, my back is great, my headaches are gone and I am able to return to my normal life – running my remodeling company, golfing, remodeling my own home, and participating in life. I still have the ache of arthritis in my lower back, which I accept will never go away, but if it wasn’t for Rozalyn I am certain I wouldn’t be able even to walk.

I would recommend Rozalyn to anyone, male or female. In fact, I have already referred several friends to her.

Rozalyn, I can’t thank you enough.

“Roz is great! I’m 40 weeks pregnant and was nervous about what acupuncture would do for me, but it was awesome! Roz takes her time to get to know you, she teaches you about what’s happening and is very thorough. I’ve really enjoyed my time with her and would absolutely recommend her to other expectant mothers!”

“I have been a client with the center since October & have loved my experience with them, they are very friendly & thorough. I found out about acupuncture and began to see Rosalyn shortly after for overall health and some chronic back & neck pain. Acupuncture has really opened my eyes to health and wellness and have been seeing a lot of success. I appreciate Roz so much as a doctor, she really cares about her clients, only does what you are comfortable with, explains application and checks in with you. I believe she goes above and beyond with treatment plans, really listens and looks at your health as a whole which I really appreciate and feel is a huge guidance in finding personal wellness. Very thankful to have found Eastside Women’s Health Center.”

“I had my first experience with cupping and acupuncture and it was fantastic! Roz explained what I should expect and put my mind at ease. The entire experience was positive and I look forward to seeing her again!”

“I totally credit Roz with starting my labor! As soon as I got off her table, I had contractions that never stopped.”
“Roz is AMAZING!”

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