5 Ways to Prevent a Cold

December 23, 2017

5 Ways to Prevent a Cold

Cold and Flu season is the worst season of all, lasting from October to as late as May. While the flu shot is getting less and less popular among parents, we started to look into other forms of drug-free and non-invasive ways to stay our healthiest during this dark and stormy season. Here are 5 steps to stay healthy without needing to head to your local pharmacy.

Cold Prevention Tip #1: The obvious… Wash your hands
While this seems like way too simple of a way to avoid getting the common cold, it is the oldest trick in the book. According to the CDC, about 80% of infectious diseases are spread by touch — these germs get on the hands and from there to the mouth and eyes.

Cold Prevention Tip # 2 Go Disposable
Colds can be spread by shared towels and cups in the bathroom. When someone in the house is sick, consider going to disposable towels or paper products until the wave has passed.

Cold Prevention Tip #3 Get Sleep
While getting sleep isn’t hard enough, when you’re exposed to sickness you need even more. When your body is lacking energy from sleep, your body is still is working full-time to make you healthy. When you get less than 8 to 10 hours of sleep, you are more susceptible to getting sick. So just get some ZZZZZ’s.

Cold Prevention Tip #4 Try to Smile
New research has found that happiness may help you. Carl Charnetski, MD, professor of psychology at Wilkes University, found that sex, positive thinking, playing with a pet, and other pleasurable behaviors will boost your immune system.

Cold Prevention Tip #5 No-Drug Medicine
The best way to stay healthy is to find drug-like results without the pharmaceutical drugs. Acupuncture is a great alternative and is primarily a preventive form of medicine. When Acupuncture points Kidney (27), Large Intestine (11), Lung (7), and Stomach (36) are activated, you can get the Acupuncture Flu Shot. The great thing about these points is you can activate them yourself without needles by performing Acupressure!

Let’s start with Kidney 27. This pressure point is an immune-boosting superstar and especially helpful for people who are prone to upper respiratory flu symptoms. In acupuncture, the “Kidney system is said to grasp Lung Qi, meaning it helps distribute the air that enters the lungs throughout the rest of the body. When this interplay doesn’t happen correctly, shortness of breath and cough can occur as well as fatigue because your body is not being properly oxygenated. Kidney 27 is easily accessible, located about one inch from the midline on the lower border of the collarbone.” You’ll want to trigger this point first and work your way down the list.

Large Intestine 11 is known for its fever-reducing effects. It is commonly used for prevention of colds, flu, and other immune-compromising conditions. The exact location is determined according to sensitivity in that area. The most sensitive spot is usually the most effective when pressed or needled. Find Large Intestine 11 at the lateral (thumb side) edge of the elbow crease.”

Lung 7 is best used for a boost in defensive energy, helping your immune system to stay strong. “Frequently used for a cough, headache, and a stiff neck, Lung 7 is located in the depression at the base of your thumb (make a thumbs up to locate). From that depression, Lung 7 is located approximately two finger widths up your arm.”

Stomach 36 is the game changer for an effective strengthening of your immune system and recovering from fatigue. Stomach 36 is found about a hand length below the patella of the knee, just outside the prominent tibia bone. Sometimes pressing this point, if it’s done firmly enough, will produce a strong sensation that travels down the leg.

After you’ve stimulated all your pressure points at different times, press both the Kidney 27 and Stomach 36, since you have both hands free.

Next, put pressure on “Lung 7 and Large Intestine 11. Try pressing the point on each side of the body to determine whether one side is more tender than the other. If so, focus your Acupressure sessions on the tender side. If both are equally tender (or not at all), you can pick either, or take turns pressing the points on both sides.”

Acupuncture is a natural form of medicine that is drug-free and can help you during this cold and flu season. To learn more about how Acupuncture can help Schedule a Free Consultation! Go to https://livingwellnorthwest.janeapp.com/


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