About Us

Meet our Acupuncturist: Rozalyn Khabibulin, EAMP

Nationally Board Certified by the NCCAOM and Licensed Acupuncturist in California and Washington State.

We Offer Community Outreach Programs in your area!

Our practitioners have lectured and provided wellness services at Schools, Churches, Workplaces and with Community Organizations all through Washington State. From Weight Loss and Women’s Health to Heart Disease and Nutrition, we have lectured on topics that are current and important to the people of our communities. These Talks and Service Programs are FREE of charge and a big part of our mission to educate and participate in our communities. Some Notable Organizations we have worked with include: The City of Vancouver, WA Vancouver, WA School District Washougal, WA School District Bainbridge Island, WA School District Kitsap, WA School District Nautilaus World Headquarters Alaska Airlines Camas Community Church Whole Foods Orthopedic Medical Society Annual Parkinson’s Care Group If you would like to schedule a talk with your organization or have any questions, please call 360-805-8252.